Pregnancy and Work Stress: Investigation of Factors Relating Stress Level of Pregnant Working Women in Indonesia

    Widowati, R., Kundaryanti, R., Julian, D. A., & Raushanfikri, A. (2021). Pregnancy and work stress: investigation of factors relating stress level of pregnant working women in Indonesia. Gaceta Sanitaria35, S38–S41.

  • Gaceta Sanitaria
  • 01 January 2021



To identify factors related to the stress levels among pregnant women in Indonesia.


The study was used cross sectional design. The participants were 92 pregnant women who worked at a footwear manufacturer at Banten, Indonesia. Half of the participants worked less than 40 h per week and the other half worked 40 h or more per week. A test instrument to measure stress in pregnant women was developed and conducted in this study. Dependent and independent factors were analyzed by the chi-square test.


Our results showed that 59.78% of respondents had their gestational age was more than 31 weeks; 53.00% of workers experienced moderate stress; and as many 53.26% of respondents experienced a high workload.


Our conclusion confirmed gestational age, workload, and working time related with work stress level of pregnant women significantly.