Penelitian / Laporan Penelitian

Building the National HIV and AIDS Research Network

  • 30 June 2021

The need of establishing a functional National Research Network has been identified by the HIV Technical Working Group as an innovative method to bring together key research experts and leading policy makers, as well as decision makers in the field of HIV research and program implementation. This proposed network will also be designed to include other important players such as medical experts, academics, HIV AIDS CSOs and CBOs. The network is expected to become a vessel in which experience and knowledge from the members can be synthesized as a recommendation for the national research agenda and its implementation, which will contribute to the surrounding resource mobilization, research collaboration among national institutions and also implementers.

Since 2019, UNAIDS Indonesia has been collaborating with University Centre of Excellence – AIDS Research Center Health Policy and Social Innovation (UCoE – ARC) in developing a specific Indonesian HIV AIDS research network in the form of an online website called Jaringan Penelitian HIV AIDS Indonesia (JPHIV) / HIV AIDS Research Network (HAR-net) with the following address: The current website generally functions as an online database for HIV AIDS research publications which are specifically done in Indonesia. The feasibility and the adequacy of the platform, as well as the willingness of over 80 relevant HIV AIDS related individuals in Indonesia to join have been assessed in 2020 and about 90% present a positive response.

Following the result, UNAIDS Indonesia and UCoE – ARC continued to conduct a series of research network development activities in 2021 in order to further build and strengthen the network. This development includes socialization meetings with 10 selected university partners around Indonesia and Indonesian HIV AIDS expert panels from the Indonesian Ministry of Health (MoH), the initial creation of HIV AIDS Community of Practice, gaps and challenges Rapid Assessment which will be used to develop a policy brief, and lastly development of JPHIV online platform ( to accommodate various knowledge products and proper discussion among members. Details of the process and activities will be explained further in the following sections.