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Improving Drug Rehabilitation in Prison Setting: An Implementation Research

  • 27 May 2021

In the absence of formal capacity building for the rehabilitation staff while the program is still implemented in the correctional setting, the AIDS Research Center of Atma Jaya Catholic University (ARC-ACJU) intended to develop a simple model for capacity building to optimize the social rehabilitation at the correctional settings. The model was developed by using implementation study, which is a study that focuses on the implementation of a certain policy, program or practice. The intent is not just to understand which program or activity works or does not work, but also to look at how and why a certain program or activity can or cannot be successfully carried out. In practice, an implementation research can look at various implementation aspects, from the process, to influencing factors, to the result of implementation. The main objective of an implementation research is therefore to test a specific health intervention by implementing it in real world settings and evaluate the outcome to inform future improvement. At the operational level, the study aimed to assess the extent of capacity building model improve the knowledge and skills of the prison staff in managing the social rehabilitation for drug dependents. Additionally, the study also assessed the impact of the social rehabilitation on the quality of life of the residents during their participation in the program.