Publikasi / Jurnal Internasional

Intersectionality and health-related stigma: insights from experiences of people living with stigmatized health conditions in Indonesia

  • 19 October 2021

Sarju Sing Rai, Ruth M H Peters, Elena V Syurina, Irwanto Irwanto, Denise Naniche, Marjolein B  Zweekhorst

Health-related stigma is a complex phenomenon, the experience of which intersects with those of other adversities arising from a diversity of social inequalities and oppressive identities like gender, sexuality, and poverty – a concept called “intersectionality”. Understanding this intersectionality between health-related stigma and other forms of social marginalization can provide a fuller and more comprehensive picture of stigma associated with health conditions. The main objective of this paper is to build upon the concept of intersectionality in health- related stigma by exploring the convergence of experiences of stigma and other adversities across the intersections of health and other forms of social oppressions among people living with stigmatized health conditions in Indonesia.