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Representasi Sosial Mengenai Siswa dengan Disabilitas pada Siswa Non-Disabilitas SMP Inklusi di DKI Jakarta

  • 11 December 2020

Hashella Kostan & Irwanto

Abstract : This study looks at how children with disabilities are socially represented in inclusive schools. A number of 371 junior secondary students without disabilities were recruited from 6 inclusive schools in Jakarta. In a free association fashion, they were stimulated with a phrase “student with disabilities” and their responses were recorded. They were asked to evaluate their own responses as containing positive, negative, or neutral prototypical characteristics and scored according to the affective loading. The results indicated that even in inclusive school, children with disabilities were socially represented as individuals who are “lacking of abilities”, “difficult to communicate”, “stupid”, and so on. We aslo asked students to fill the Swearer Bully Survey- Student Version (BYS-S) and found that students with disabilities were bullied by their peers