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ASK Outcome Measurement Report

  • 01 December 2015

Access, Services and Knowledge (ASK) is an initiative aimed at improving the reproductive health status of youth.  The programme aims to build young people’s individual capacity to make safe choices; to make SRH services better adapted to meet the individual needs of young people; and to strengthen the linkages between information and service provision.

ASK has been implemented in 3 provinces in Indonesia from 2013-2015: DKI Jakarta, DI Yogyakarta and East Java.  Prior to the implementation of the ASK programme, a baseline outcome measurement was conducted in 2013. This report will describe the endline outcome measurement evaluation conducted in 2015 to demonstrate changes attributable to the ASK programme since its commencement in 2013.

The 2015 endline outcome measurement aimed to demonstrate the changes that the ASK program achieved over the duration of the programme (2013-2015). The aims of the endline outcome measurement include:
a) To measure changes in the behavior of beneficiaries following ASK programme interventions in sexuality education in communities and sexual and reproductive health service strengthening.
b) To identify enabling and obstructing factors in relation to these changes.
c) To compare the results of the baseline study and endline outcome measurement and draw overall conclusions.

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