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Crystal-Meth Use and HIV-Related Risk Behaviors in Indonesia

  • 01 December 2015

HIV risk behaviors among crystal-meth users might contribute to increasing HIV prevalence rates in Indonesia. Related risks can be reduced if people have access to crystal-meth related health services. Prior to the development of interventions, a comprehensive understanding of structural, social, interpersonal and personal factors related to the use of crystal-meth in Indonesia is crucial. This includes a better understanding of individual and environment factors surrounding drug use and HIV-related risk behaviors, which will allow for the designing of better interventions. This study aims to gain better knowledge on patterns of meth use and its implications on HIV risk and health seeking behavior among crystal-meth users in Indonesia, including a better understanding of on individual and environmental factors shaping drug use.

A qualitative research design was developed with the aim of producing a deeper understanding of the diverse patterns of meth use and its implications for HIV risk and related health seeking behaviors. The study looked at patterns of initiation of meth use, sustained use and attempts of reducing and stopping the use of the drug, and how the drug use influenced users’ behaviors, including daily activities, HIV risk behaviors, exposure to legal problems, as well as users’ social and sexual networks and health seeking behaviors.

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