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Kajian Situasi Partisipasi Bermakna Remaja dan Kemitraan antara Remaja-Orang Dewasa sebagai Tahapan Awal dalam Studi Operasional GUSO

  • 01 June 2018

Get Up Speak Out (GUSO) is a program that designated to fulfil sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) of young people with meaningful youth participation (MYP) and youth-adult partnership (YAP) as its underlying pillars. In Indonesia, this program is currently being implemented in five provinces, namely Kupang, Bali, Jawa Tengah, Lampung, and DKI Jakarta.
As part of the operational study umbrella, this situational assessment study aimed to assess the existing situation related to MYP and YAP in GUSO Program, including utilized approaches, strategies, and enabling and obstructing factors to map the learning process from different stakeholders. At the end, an improved model of SRHR program MYP-YAP in GUSO program that accommodates new innovations for empowering youth through meaningful participation and partnership between youth and adults.

This study was guided by theoretical framework that emphasize and assess the level of partnership between youth and adults. Although this study utilized qualitative approach through focus group discussion and in-depth interview, other methods such as literature review and secondary data analysis of pre-existing youth participation survey have been integrated in order to answer the objectives of the study. In total, data from 88 informants (of which 61 was female and 52 was youth) from five study sites have been participated in primary data collection. Qualitative data was analysed thematically, while quantitative data was statistically analysed to calculate frequency and correlation between means and variable of interests.

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