Publikasi / Jurnal Internasional

Learning from a leprosy project in Indonesia: making mindsets explicit for stigma reduction

  • 16 December 2020

Ruth Peters, Mimi Lusli, Marjolein Zweekhorst, Beatriz Miranda-Galarza, Wim van Brakel, Irwanto,  & Joske Bunders

International attention for disability recognizes that it plays an important role in persistent poverty. Leprosy can cause preventable disability. Stigma associated with leprosy often has greater implications for people affected than physical impairments. The Stigma Assessment and Reduction of Impact (SARI) project in Indonesia employs an action research methodology to develop stigma reduction interventions. By exploring the different mindsets of the stakeholders in the reconnaissance phase of the project, the project identified differences in aspirations, attitudes to research, and conflicting intrinsic models of disability. The differences in mindsets are not symptoms of failure but, rather, should be actively sought out.