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Suicide Stigma as a Predictor of Help-Seeking Intention among Undergraduate Students in Jakarta

  • 18 December 2020

Benny Prawira & Evi Sukmaningrum

Previous research has found that stigma tends to impair help-seeking intention in a suicidal crisis for university students across the globe. Yet very little research has investigated how suicide-specific stigma affects help-seeking intention in a suicidal crisis among university students in the Indonesian context. This research examines the adverse relationship between suicide stigma and help-seeking intention. A total of 284 university students in Jakarta, aged 18–24 years (M = 20.14, SD = 1.18), participated in the study. Linear regression analysis demonstrated that suicide stigma positively contributes to the intention to seek help from both formal and non-formal sources. These results contradict previous findings, possibly due to the unique culture in Indonesia. Theoretical and practical implications are discussed for Indonesian suicide prevention efforts.